Amy Frugoli -Founder/Owner , Certified Wedding Consultant and
Creative Genius ;)

Amy Frugoli was bitten by the creative bug at an early age.  As a little girl, she would take
over as the organizer for her own birthday parties.  It escalated in her teenage years
where she was always in the middle of organizing rallies, skits, and other school and
group functions.  Everything from designing backdrops to writing scripts- Amy loved being
in the spotlight, but the real joy came from the conception of an idea and working hard
until it came to life.

Amy started a career in retail management where her skills in leadership, management,
creative merchandising, and excellent customer service were utilized.  She took a job as
the activities director at a private resort in Napa where she was allowed complete
creative freedom, but on a shoestring budget.  Amy learned very quickly how to achieve a
quality event with limited resources.   

Amy has several years experience with two major retailers as a Bridal Registry
Consultant.  She spent her days wrapped up in the excitement of brides and grooms
visualizing their new lives together.  At that time, Amy was also in the middle of planning
own wedding.  She attended many bridal shows and built relationships with many
talented vendors in the Bay Area along the way.
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Having such a strong interest and knowledge in the wedding industry, Amy often gave advice and recommendations to couples
coming in to set up their gift registries when they solicited her help in other areas of their wedding planning.  Once she realized
that her help was really valued, she knew she found her calling...helping people with their weddings!
After deciding professional training would be beneficial, Amy sought out the most challenging wedding consultant training
program she could find. She took a course through - and previously sat on the national board of directors for - the
Association of
Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC)

Ever the entrepreneur, Amy is also co-owner of Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats, home of the original 20 foot mobile sweet shoppe!

About Twitterpated...the vision, the name...
"I believe that a wedding is not just a single day, but an entire experience that begins as soon as you become engaged.  You
are promising your love and commitment to another person for the rest of your life, and they promise the same in return!  
Whether you realize it or not, you go into planning mode as soon as you agree to be married.  You are in a unspoken secret
society with other engaged couples and you are probably walking just a few inches off the ground.  You are blending two
families into one and you will make decisions and compromises that all your friends and families will be witness to on the day
you say "I do."  A wedding is not just one day, it is one of the
most important days, and the one that will begin of a new chapter
in your lives.

Gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings, where it is was always the same traditions, done the same way, at the same time.
Nowadays we are seeing more cultural influences, hobbies, and themes infused with traditional ceremonies and receptions. By
taking the time to listen to each couple,  having a genuine interest in each detail, and of course adding a little humor, I am able
to help couples feel relaxed and confident that their wedding day will turn out just like, if not BETTER than, they planned.

As I was thinking of a name for my business, I wanted to take a path that turned away from the expected and come up with
something that conveyed excitement and whimsy, but was still relevant to the same wonderful feelings that being in love
evokes. I remembered a word that I heard and fell in love with and knew it had to be what I named my business. Therefore,
Twitterpated Weddings was born. Go ahead, say it without smiling ;)
When I decided to start my own business, I knew I wanted to not only run a fair and responsible company, but give back to my
community, strive for growth, and do my part to help out wherever possible. In other words, I really want to make sure that I
use every opportunity to make a difference in this world!" ~Amy

Here are some of the ways Amy Frugoli is involved in her industry and community
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Nodie Chartier grew up in San Francisco and now lives in Pacifica where she works as a
Behavioral Therapist for the Pacifica School District and as an Activities Supervisor at the Boys &
Girls Club.

In her free time she likes to walk along the beach and take Zumba classes! She dreams of one
day moving to Maui and making grass skirts on the warm beaches of Hawaii.

Nodie  is an invaluable member of Team Twitterpated. You will find her running around at most
weddings overseeing the set up and execution as well as bonding with all the vendors and
guests & making them laugh. Her energy is contagious and she usually  has everyone calling
her "Mom" by the end of the event. She is also the one responsible for slowing Amy down to
eat, drink water and fix her hair throughout the 12+ hours we put in on a wedding day!

Becca Nolan is a graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, having earned a BA in
Communications and Event Planning. After gaining experience working in communications and
publishing office environments, she was looking for something with a bit more fun and
excitement, so she is very glad to have found Twitterpated Weddings!

Becca recently moved to Campbell, CA where she enjoys going to movies and concerts, cooking,
and spending time with her family. She also enjoys watching ghost and paranormal TV shows
and hopes to one day see a real ghost! If you know any good locations for a sighting, please

Becca mostly hangs out in the Treehouse (Twitterpated &
Sugar Tree Headquarters) working on
timeline documents, office maintenance and client & vendor inquiries, but we let her outside
once in awhile to experience the magic of  Twitterpated weddings & events coming to life.
photograph by Bellalu Photography

Brandi was a former Twitterpated Weddings bride and began shadowing and assisting
Amy on events within a few months of her wedding. She is a natural and is a great asset
to the team!

Team Twitterpated
employees and
support staff pictured:

Nodie Chartier
Brandi Andrade
Amy Frugoli
Kristan Shamus
Rebecca Nolan