6 deck blackjack strategy to win playing at the online casino

6 deck blackjack strategy for gamblers

The main task of the player is to score more number, that is, the best combination, but do not go over the number of points at 21. To defeat opponents by playing 6-deck blackjack, user can use the blackjack 6 deck strategy and tips on how to win:

  • always need to use a basic 6 deck blackjack strategy. It must be learned and strictly followed, despite the player’s intuition. Blackjack is based on mathematical calculation;
  • meticulously choose a table and the players at it. The pastime should be enjoyable, the game is fast with minimal interruptions;
  • no never to use insurance. A bet on insurance, has a mathematical expectation not in favor of the player;
  • learn how to manage money. This is necessary in order not to lose everything at once;
  • choose the best place at the table. It is necessary, if possible, to occupy the extreme place to the right of the ATM in order to see all the cards that come out;
  • play slower until the game is mastered to perfection. To make the right decision, user has to think carefully.

The ATM cannot turn to the next player until he clearly hears everyone’s decision. Therefore, do not rush.

6 basic blackjack strategy for advanced gamblers

Playing the 6-deck Blackjack based on the basic strategy, the players must make decisions based on knowledge of their cards and one dealer card. It is necessary to determine how much points a dealer can score while dealing cards. To understand this and understand how each card affects the distribution, user should learn the table that can be found on the Internet.

The 6 deck blackjack strategy for advanced indicates the optimal mathematical solutions and if to stick to it, it is possible to get the best result.

For example, the dealer has the first card no higher than 4, he has high chances to sort out because he must take the cards until there are 17 and above points. A player with 11 points or less can take cards, but with caution so that there is no busting.

If the dealer has 5 or 6 points, the player needs to double, as the chances are growing.

The dealer has the first card from 7 to 10, so the chance that he will collect 17-20 is great. The player should collect cards to a value greater than the sum of the dealer’s card points + 10.

If a player has 12-15 points, many stop so as not to sort out. But, the basic 6 deck blackjack strategy tells the player what to take, unless the player counts the cards and gets a big chance of getting tens.

All players come to the conclusion that such a strategy is ideal for a 6-deck Blackjack and is absolutely balanced and must be adhered to.

Best 6 Deck Blackjack Betting Strategy

In addition to the basic 6 deck blackjack strategy, the following betting strategies are applied:

  1. 1-3-2-6 – This strategy works accordingly. If the player wins, then he has to increase the bet as many times as indicated in the strategy. For example, the minimum bid is $ 1, then the next bet is $ 3. Winning again, then the next bet is $ 2. Victory again – we bet $ 6. If there are four wins in a row, then again user has to bet 1 dollar, etc. After each loss, the player must return to the original bet.
  2. Harassment – the player determines the amount of the smallest and largest bets on one hand. If, for example, the minimum bet is $ 1, and the maximum is $ 10, then in case of winning, the next bet is the maximum again $ 10. And so it goes on until defeat. After each loss, we return to the minimum bet of 1 dollar. The essence of this strategy is that large wins overlap losses.
  3. Cautious prosecution – With this strategy, the player has three bets: a minimum of $ 1), an average of $ 5 and a maximum of $ 10. After the first win user has to bet the maximum bet of $ 10. If he wins again, the next one will be an average bet of $ 5. With the following wins, user has to return to the minimum bet of 1 dollar.

Following the best betting 6 deck blackjack strategy, players reduce the probability of losing to a minimum because there is no single tactic that guarantees victory.

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