Blackjack game – game for millions.

Blackjack game – rules, soft and playgrounds.

In spite of many varieties of this gambling, common rules are quite simple and practically the same for all types of blackjack card game, based on its classic variant.

The main aim of blackjack game is to come off with flying colors, playing against a dealer. When both participants (a player and a dealer) receive the cards it’s up to them what to make further – whether to take another card or to stay with dealt.

Total bigger than 21 (if it’s not 2 aces) is a losing position. If to simplify, the gambler should have on their hands more than a dealer has and less than 21. Scoring is counted as follows: 2 – 2 points; 3 – 3 points; 4 – 4 points; 5 – 5 points; 6 – 6 points; 7 – 7 points; 8 – 8 points; 9 – 9 points; 10, jack, queen, king – 10 points; ace – 11 points.

Best providers of blackjack game.

Visiting different websites with blackjack online game, the gambler never thinks about how it’s all organized. But there are really many huge companies, which try to satisfy the requirements of gamblers. Some of the most popular are included in the list below.

  • Sweden “NetEnt” is one of the most popular provider of soft for online casinos, including great varieties of blackjack card game. Portfolio of this company accounts for more than 200 different slots.
  • ”Microgaming” is in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to the win in the amount of 17 879 645,12 EURO in one of the slots. The soft of the company runs to about 900 gambling machines. And, of course, blackjack online game is not the last in the list of “Microgaming” content.
  • ”Betsoft”, founded in 1999, can easily be imagined as one to play blackjack game for pleasure. Apart from it, this soft welcomes the fans of more than 160 different online games.

Blackjack game’s tournaments – choose and play!

Different gambling platforms offer the variety of choices to play blackjack. But, basically, there are 2 main types of tournaments, where players can dip a toe in the water.

  • Time limit tournaments. Here all the gamblers get the same quantity of game pieces. After the mentioned time is over, the winner is the one who has more in their hands.
  • Knockout “fight”. This type of the game isn’t limited by time and the champion is defined by the absence of other players, who have nothing to play for.

Blackjack game and its slots variety.

If anyone can treat blackjack as a simple gambling with only single deck and the goal to be better, than a dealer, it’s a huge mistake. There are many types of this amazing hash session. And it doesn’t matter whether you pay for it or have a chance to play free blackjack game – adrenaline is guaranteed.

  • A dealer stops with hard total of 17. The rules claim the dealer take a card if the score sum is less than 17
  • A dealer stops with a soft hand with 17 points. The dealer has to stop taking cards if they have 17 in their hands.
  • 21 blackjack duel. No specific options are available. Aim – to win a dealer.
  • Ideal pair. 5 decks are used in this type of slot. If a gambler receives 2 same cards (the same suit and nominal) they receives not less than 25:1 bonus.
  • Blackjack switch. The player has an opportunity to change up to 2 cards from the given hand.
  • Blackjack game in the open. All the cards are dealt with back closed.
  • Blackjack double attack. The first opened card is a dealer’s one. Then the cards are dealt to the players, who can double the made bet before checking own hand.

The enumerated types of blackjack slots are not the only variants. Soft providers try to invent new variations of the game to attract gamblers attention. And as soon as the Interest exists, online casinos will provide the fans of the game with more and more interesting slots.

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