How to play Blackjack online free no download in the USA casinos

You will hardly find a casino where you cannot play Blackjack online free no download — if you compare it with another card game, Poker, you will see that the rules here are very simple.

You make a bet and get only 2 cards. Your task is very simple: to score points and their sum should be more than the sum of the dealer’s cards. The cards from 2 to 10 have got their face value, and the “pictures” give 10, while Ace “price” is 1 or 11 depending on the situation, in the best direction for you. If you get twenty one that is a Blackjack, you are a winner. If you get more than this number, you are a loser. Does not it seem easy?

In reality, even when you play free Blackjack online no download slots or choose a live dealer variant of the game, you need to think a lot before you choose any card. One mistake and your bets are lost. Besides, there are many variants of BJ, and some of them can seem to you better than others for various reasons.

How to play Blackjack online free

It never matters if you make a real money bet or choose the Demo version, the rules and the procedure of the game remain the same. When you play Blackjack online free, “sitting” by the virtual table, the dealer gives two cards to them and then they open one of them.

However, at the same time, the presence of 21, which is Blackjack, is not checked, even if the open card is an Ace. When they get 17, they stop. This simplicity is a miracle — in virtual online casinos, you can stumble upon a wide variety of rules of this famous game.

For instance, you can find free Blackjack games online no download when you cannot surrender or even cannot split the cards, etc.

Variants of Blackjack

Fans of BJ are always eager to try all the variants of this game. Naturally, they do it after they learn the basic rules of the classic variant of Blackjack.

Today, you can also choose multiplayer play Blackjack online free no download. This is the coolest decision to make online entertainment looking like a real game. In this case, you deal not only with casino (dealer) but the other players as well. The best BJ rooms let you chat with the dealer and other gamblers as well. If you prefer slot machines, these games will also let you feel the gaming atmosphere of the excitement.

Best Blackjack Slots casinos

You can always find a casino that offers the widest choice of BJ variants and slots as well. Actually, some gambling sites let people play free online Blackjack no download variants. These are the real online casino like:

  • Bovada that always lets the users play Blackjack online free;
  • Café Casino;
  • Mars;
  • Lucky Red;
  • Uptown Aces;
  • Royal Ace, etc.

Blackjack slots

Choosing between free online Blackjack tournaments no download option and slots, it is very difficult to say which variant is better to try everything to come to a certain conclusion. The following slots can be tried as they are the best ones for today:

  • Pontoon Blackjack (variants by BetSoft and NetEnt);
  • Perfect Blackjack (by Playtech);
  • Super Fun 21 (by Microgaming);
  • European Redeal Blackjack (by Microgaming), etc.

You can find them in most online casinos.

Pontoon variant of BJ

When you want to try something fresh when you play Blackjack online free no download or for money, choose Pontoon. This is a game in which rules are significantly different from the usual variant of BJ. Blackjack here is called Pontoon, and it is paid 2: 1. Five cards without busting (five-card trick) are paid 3: 2 immediately, against any card of the dealer. 777 (Royal Pontoon) are paid 3: 1 immediately against any dealer card. Split can be done an unlimited number of times.

Pontoon and five-card trick combinations are usually played after the split. Surrender is usually allowed against any dealer card. For playing in Pontoon, several decks of 52 cards are usually taken, but the number of decks cannot exceed eight. The dealer has the right to take an additional card when they have seventeen points. If the player was able to collect Pontoon, their winnings will be 2 to 1.

Super Fun 21

In Super Fun 21 by Microgaming, when the dealer’s first card was an Ace, it is likely that the next one will bring them Blackjack and the player will be defeated. To avoid losses, the client can insure the bet with Insurance button. The amount of insurance is fifty percent of the basic rate.

There is also a Surrender button in the menu. By clicking it, the player gives up and automatically acknowledges their defeat, thereby losing half of their bet and all their cards. The main thing in Super Fun is to calculate everything well and make the right decision.

As soon as the player has used one of the above keys, the dealer shows their second card. If the sum of their two cards is less than 17 points, they get more, in order to overcome this barrier. When the required amount is collected, the system sums up the draw.

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