Video poker types available and the tricks player should know

Video poker, things that have to be considered

Video poker is a highly paid slot machine of all. It has the highest RTP and the player plays the game only against the machine but not against any other players. There are lots of variants of the game and new ones regularly appear on the market hence players may wonder how to play video poker in Vegas? The rules are roughly the same everywhere, as people will have to construct the best possible poker hand that will enable them to beat the machine. The most common games that are played in land-based and online casinos are:

  • Jacks or better;
  • Deuces wild;
  • Aces and eights.

There are lots of other options to go for. The prime difference is that in order to get the lowest winning hand in Jacks or better, the player needs to receive Jack or better card. In Deuces Wild, the player will have an exclusive privilege to have wild cards, which are deuced. It can act as any card. Every variation has its basic rules that make the game different from the other, so common tricks also exist for every video poker game.

Different video poker types

As it has been mentioned above, video poker has quite a few variants that can be found in different gambling sites. The most common games can be played straight away because it is very easy to find them. However, there are many more games that are offered on the market. Its rules are slightly similar but the differences are not substantial by any means. These are the other variations of video poker:

  • Double bonus;
  • Deuces or joker;
  • Double, double bonus;
  • Tens or better;
  • Bonus deuces wild;
  • Jokers wild video poker machine.

The basic idea is still the same but the rules differ slightly. It just like in Deuces wild, where the player has a wild card that is deuced, in Bonus deuces wild there will be a bonus that brings the rewards of getting any card. The same principle applies to any other variation of the game but the aim is the same – do everything the player can to build the best hand. Different video poker variations can be played for free in Australia, which is considered one of the best places.

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The secrets, which have to be known

Every player who decides to start playing video poker has to be aware of some tricks and consider the secrets that this game has. The following have to be considered:

  • Calculate the odds and probability at all times;
  • Although RTP is very high it works better with a viable strategy in the long run;
  • The strategy will have to include implementation of a doubling system, so start with the lowest stakes possible;
  • Use probability charts;
  • Use applications that help to determine the odds;
  • Always check the payment schedule;
  • Watch the bankroll.

Hidden secrets of video poker are not very difficult. Therefore, in order to understand it all better and see how it all works, there is the main secret of all – practice first in free game mode before perfecting your skills and only then play for real money.

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