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I'm an easy going type of woman who thought my wedding day would magically work itself out the way it should, but as the day grew closer, I
realized I needed help BIG TIME!  Amy of Twitterpated Weddings handled every detail, quite a few I had not thought of myself.  She was
enthusiastic, flexible, totally thorough, and through it all she was fun!  We had a blast!  The Big Day was awesome, we didn't have a care in the
world, Amy took care of everything.  Leave your day in her hands, and you will have a stress-free day full of JOY!

Ashley,  bride
Amy is very enthusiastic. She is very organized, flexible, and positive.
She had her "brides kit" handy when we needed a safety pin or some
aspirin. On our day, she was contagiously happy and when I asked her
if she ever gets nervous or stressed, she said with a smile, "No, this is
what I was born to do." I believe it.

Abigail, bride
Besides being really friendly and easy to work with, Amy is
knowledgeable about all things wedding. She has great connections to
vendors that she passes along, she makes suggestions without trying
to take over or push her taste or ideas on you, and she makes things
happen.  I always pictured myself as the stressed out bride, scrambling
around trying to get everything done.  I probably would have been had
it not been for having Amy work with me on the wedding.  She made
sure everything was done, vendors contacted, everything was set-up,
and ran smoothly.  She made my job so easy, all I had to worry about
was getting my hair and make-up done!   I also never imagined I’d
have a wedding coordinator because I didn’t think I’d want to spend the
money!  But honestly it’s the best money you’ll ever spend when
planning your wedding.  Amy is worth every cent.  She is the best,
truly.  Thank you, Amy!!!

Amy Packard and Michele Ferro, bride and groom
We are still floating on all the love of last Sunday!  That
day was so perfect-- and we keep marvelling at what a gift
it was to just walk in and get married without a year of
stressful planning and still have all the bells and whistles!  
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the
time energy and love you put into making this historic day
so blessed, fun, profound and affirming.

Meg and Suz, brides
Amy, I wanted to personally extend to you my gracious
appreciation for your part in our wedding.  Having your
there with all your help, made this day perfect for us
and we will keep the memories forever.  I will definitely
let my friends know if they plan on getting married and
looking for a wedding planner, to please contact you.

So again, thank you so very much for all you did and for
taking part in our special day.

Denise, bride
Amy from Twitterpated Weddings is such a breath of fresh air!  As a wedding officiant, I've met so many wedding planners who have lost their
spark, but Amy is such an enthusiastic wedding planner that you would think she's planning her own wedding!   I like the fact that she's a
member of the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC), which I feel is very important when selecting a wedding
planner... She will be a great asset to anyone who not only needs help in planning a wedding, but to anyone who wants to enjoy their wedding
day knowing someone who is very capable and professional is taking care of every detail.

Rev. Alberto, Wedding Officiant, Kiss the Bride
Amy is a great person to work with! We never worried once about our
wedding day, we knew she had it all under control. She was always
upbeat and had a great sense of humor!! We will always remember
how great our wedding day was, thank you Amy!!

Maria and Luis, bride and groom
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Amy-we are sooooo grateful for everything you did to help make our wedding day as beautiful and as worry free and fluid as we could ever
imagine. Down to every little fine point it was beautiful, we trusted you and boy was it worth it. Going into the planning we had no idea what
was involved and what we might have missed out on if it wasn't for you! Especially with the linens, the chairs, the program timing, the dress,
the whited robed monks suggestion, the invite lady recommendation.... I could go on and on! And then the big day and your mom
rocked it with getting everything carried out just as we had Imagined and maybe even more than we had imagined. And for helping us thru ALL
my emails full of questions running everything through you for ideas and validating our decisions.

We can't express how happy we are with the day! Thank you for helping to make our day beautiful and easy. We didn't have to worry about
anything more than getting ourselves to the venue and you took care of the rest. Thank God for Twitterpated Weddings!

Nadine, bride
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