Blackjack practice: use online tools and applications

Players, who are eager to win in Blackjack, should remember that only Blackjack practice is the best-working strategy here. No tricks will work if you do not practice Blackjack. Yes, it takes time, even much time, but it is worth doing to become a winner at the end of the difficult road to this victory.

Sometimes, players are advised to download special BJ simulators or play slots with this game for free. There are also several tools online, which can be used as game trainers.

Free tools for Blackjack practice

Besides some software that can be installed for Blackjack practice, free online tools like Blackjack Apprenticeship can be used: using it, it will be easier to learn and understand the basic strategies of the game.

This is very useful stuff for Blackjack card counting practice. This online resource with its training videos is recommended not only for the beginners but also for the professionals that want to play better, getting higher results. This is available for all resource to practice Blackjack online when using a laptop or a smartphone (tablet). The other tools, which can also help those, who need BJ practice are:

  • BJ Trainer for Blackjack practice;
  • Blackjack Game Advisor;
  • Strategy Chart generator;
  • House Edge Calculator, etc.

Strategies to win — counting your cards

Counting cards in blackjack is one of the most reliable strategies. It can be used in Blackjack practice game. However, the first thing that the players should pay attention to is making sure that they have learned the basic Blackjack strategy well. When playing BJ with the right strategy, the casino advantage is reduced to zero.

When it comes to the card counting process, the gambler’s actions must be thoughtful, because the decisions should be taken in a second. In a real game, no one has the opportunity to look into the manual, think about your decision.

Only the advanced skill of counting cards, which can come to a player during Blackjack practice, will allow them to earn money. Card counting gives gamblers a one percent advantage. When betting $ 100 with one hand, $ 1 can be won. Nevertheless, this 1% can make gamblers rich.

The card counting concept

Here, playing cards are evaluated differently: high cards (higher than ten) give -1, and cards lower than 10 get +1. This method works since the higher cards increase the probability of collecting Blackjack with a payout 3: 2.

The higher cards increase the dealer’s chances of busting points. Junior cards are more useful to the dealer than to the player.

How it works

If the ratio of high to low cards is less than zero (many high cards remain in the deck), the player can make higher bets to increase the winnings from a suitable deck. Usually, players keep score in their head and make decisions about the bet according to the process.

A deck with a positive score is good. The higher this number, the more profitable the bet becomes. And the higher the sum is, the more high cards remain in the deck.

Learn the values of the cards

To track the ratio of high and low cards, players need Blackjack practice. It will let them remember the value of the cards during counting cards strategy. The score starts from zero; each card has it its own value.

  • Cards from 2 to 6 are rated +1;
  • Cards from 7 to 9 are rated 0;
  • Aces are rated at -1.

Learn how to bet here

Raise bets when the amount is positive (about +2 or higher). Remember that the higher the score is, the greater the bet must be made.

In general, players need to increase a bet by one point with every positive point. Do not go too far and dramatically increase the rate.

Other basic strategies

Blackjack practice will help gamblers to remember the other basic strategies. For instance, this stuff can be helpful:

  • When the dealer’s open card is 2 – 6 points, the probability is very high that the next card will give the dealer a bust and the player will win is very high. It happens, as according to the rules, the dealer must take their cards until they reache at least 17 points. In this case, the player must also behave very carefully.
  • When the dealer’s open card is 7-10 points, the probability that the dealer will eventually receive the desired 17-20 points is also very high. In this case, the players need to try to score as many points as possible, but without risk.

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