Casino Wars by 1×2 Gaming

Card game Casino Wars is not one of the most popular gambling entertainment available in today’s online casinos, but many users like to check their luck with it. Accordingly, well-known software developers offer their own versions of the game.

Play online at Casino Wars

Casino Wars is a game with very simple rules where you have to beat the dealer by getting a higher card than him. There are six classic decks, each of which is fifty-two cards. There are no jokers in them. All decks are shuffled before the start of the deal. No spent cards are stored in the eliminators, despite their visual presence at this point in the interface.

The game is played with only one hand. Two types of bets are accepted. The main one is ante. It is paid if the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s card. The additional is a bet is a tie. It is paid if the cards are equal. The winnings are calculated at a ratio of 10:1. Bet tie without ante is not accepted.Casino Wars

The range of bets extends from five cents to one hundred credits. Ante and tie may be different sizes. Initially, the client makes a bet, after which he and the dealer receive one card. Then there is a comparison of their denominations. The values of the cards are determined by the classical principles: from deuce to ace. Cards do not differ by suit, so they simply do not count.

If the player’s card is higher, he gets a payout. If the dealer wins, the ante goes to the coffers of the institution. If the cards are tied, the tie bet is paid (if it was on the line). At the ante bet, the customer must decide whether to surrender or go to war.

How to play Casino Wars? (Interface)

Let’s explain what the inscriptions on the panel of the English version of this card game mean:

  • Ante – the field for base bets
  • Tie – the draw betting field.
  • War – field for betting on war
  • Deal – To deal cards.
  • Clear Chips – remove all chips from the board
  • Min/Max – range of bets
  • Rebet – to repeat bets
  • New Bet – place new bets
  • Info – help section with rules
  • Options – to show options window
  • History – history of draws (only in real betting mode)
  • Games – to view other games

At the bottom left there is a small window with information on the current draw. It shows the size of bets, payouts and so on. To determine the size of the bet you need to select a chip (available denominations from ten cents to one hundred credits) and place it on the appropriate field.

Help section opens in an additional window. It is very brief and contains only basic information about the rules. However, it is enough to understand everything. In the parameters you can select the quality of graphics, as well as to turn off the sound. Allowed to stretch the window to full screen.

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